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Magicpin: Revolutionizing Hyperlocal Commerce and Dominating the ONDC Landscape"

  • Magicpin enables hyperlocal online commerce in around 50 cities.

  • Fashion and food are the largest categories, accounting for about 50% and 20-25% of GMV respectively.

  • Magicpin has a large existing merchant base and minimal acquisition costs, making it well-positioned to be the largest seller-side app on the ONDC platform.

  • Merchants are opting for ONDC-enabled platforms to diversify their customer base.

  • Magicpin earns an average take rate of around 20% from merchants and provides discounts of around 10% to customers.

  • ONDC has led to a significant scale-up in food delivery orders on Magicpin's platform.

  • The economics of ONDC, including take rates, are still being determined by market forces.

  • Magicpin has strong backing from investors, including Zomato, and is focused on horizontal growth.

  • It has a large merchant base, connects them with local buyers, and offers features such as deals, discounts, and home delivery.

  • Magicpin is CM2 positive and on track to achieve EBITDA breakeven.


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