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Pyramid Investing or Automated Trading

Sector Rotation Strategy

Why follow Sector Rotation Strategy?

  • Incremental capital is deployed on sector & leading stocks from the sector

  • Exit portfolio loser early

  • Momentum stocks have better R:R overall

  • Not Biased to particular stock or sector

  • Effective use of Capital with risk defined approach

Communication Via Telegram only 

  • Chart analysis of various sectors

  • Leading & lagging stocks from the sector pick


Automated Trading Strategy

Why use Automated Trading Strategy?

  • Disciplined approach to Trading

  • Better execution in terms of accuracy & speed

  • Rules are backtested & not biased in any market condition

  • Effective use of Capital & Time

Automated Strategy:

  • Basket of ready-made automated strategy to use

  • Backtested Result 

  • Daily update on the performance via Telegram Group

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